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SecretBuilders has received great testimonials from parents, teachers and kids.


"Lyrica, our 8 year old, has been enjoying SecretBuilders immensely. She made a video for you on utterli about it. Lucas is also in the video, he plays the role of disruptor. Try to ignore him. Anyway, Lyrica is a SecretBuilders PRO at this point. She likes it better than Webkinz and Club Penguin!"

Christine Cavalier, Parent/Tech Reviewer


"My three 11 year-olds started exploring SecretBuilders on Friday. They can't stop talking about it. Based on what I've been hearing from them, you've hit a home run. They are telling me genuinely that they think it's the best site they've been on. I'm totally blown away by their reaction. I've not seen them that gaga over anything else they've seen on the web. I've told them to tell all their friends, and they say they're doing that. If there's anything else I (or they) can do to help you guys, don't hesitate to ask. Again, congrats on a major hit in my kids' eyes"

Todd Wakefield, Parent


"SecretBuilders an on-line world where kids do not just play games, but in fact they engage in quests during which they learn about history and art. Players do not shoot tanks and listen to screams and watch blood. Instead, they talk to Galileo,they design their own rooms, they talk to other kids who are playing, they explore various lands,they submit writings and art that will be used in the world, THEY CONTRIBUTE TO THE WORLD."

Aaron Shultz, Parent and Clean Tech Entrepreneur


"My daughter and I have been looking for a new game since VMK [Virtual magic World] closed that we can play together. This game is great and has so much potential!"

Janet & Noelle, Avid mother and daughter SecretBuilders fans



"What I really think is neat about SecretBuilders is a virtual world but it goes beyond just the play of most virtual worlds, and it actually teaches students about history and historical figures and literary figures. It does that through interaction. Kids can actually interact with the historical figures in the virtual world and learn about them."

"We were looking for a way for get kids to get involved with history and for them to really connect with it. And SecretBuilders is great because it gives them this virtual world which all of our kids are so familiar with...They're familiar with that format and that platform. So what's great with SecretBuilders is that not only is it a virtual world, but it's a rich learning world because they run into all of these historical characters and literary figures."

Kelly Tenkely, K-5 Technology Teacher


"All of the children enjoy SecretBuilders very much - they absolutely love it."

Dorothy Hann, Computer Teacher, Weibel Elementary, Fremont, CA


"...really enjoys the web-site and visits it very regularly. Thank you for a wholesome and educational online diversion."

Chris Immesoete, your friendly 5th grade band teacher, John Green Elementary School, Dublin, CA


"SecretBuilders e un fantastico mondo virtuale per bambini da 4 a piu di 18 anni…"

Maestro Alberto in Italy on his blog, December 9, 2008



"It's awesome, really creative and I've recommended it to all my friends!!"

Sophie, age 9, Pleasanton, CA


"SecretBuilders got an all around thumbs up! You now have a lot of ex-penguins on your site!"

Tanya, a nine year from Scotland who demoed the site to her classmates


"Hi. I'm not a parent or anything i'm just your average kid. I would just like to say that your website is AWESOME! I have already told loads of people about SecretBuilders and me and my friends love your website!! I have only just joined and i need to get to know the things you can do a little bit better but so far it is great!!"





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