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Student Rewards
By enrolling as a teacher in SecretBuilders, you can reward member students in a variety of ways listed below.

The most basic rewards are the invaluable ones of recognition by their peers, positive feedback from their mentors, and an expanded feeling of self-worth thanks to their charitable contributions, encouraged by teachers like you, via the unique blend of fun, learning, entertainment and social interaction that is the SecretBuilders world.


For Your Classroom

Virtual-world rewards for real-world performance – use the elective incentives you have the power to deal out to your students to encourage and reward good performance in your classroom.

In addition to the traditional gold star, a virtual prize for an outstanding class, homework or fundraising effort gives you the tools you really need to encourage and reward stellar students.


For Our Classroom

Teachers who encourage their students to use our virtual classroom - the SecretBuilders School - are encouraging not just learning for their students, but participation in fundraising for non-profits, via our sponsor partnerships, who donate their money to a non-profit of either the student’s – or your – choosing, and in addition, help to add to their contributions to add funding for additions and upgrades to the SecretBuilders School, and the rest of the SecretBuilders world.


To Raise Funds For Your School

The SecretBuilders community-outreach staff make it very easy for you to help organize all your students from the SecretBuilders world into an easy-to-manage list, both for student incentives, and to encourage and reward fundraising efforts for your school.

Simply contact us and we’ll help you start fundraising for your school.


To Help Others

As the teacher of a student who is enrolled in SecretBuilders, you can reward students for helping others – both in the world of SecretBuilders itself, but also for in-class assistance, but always for taking part in our One For All fundraising drive!

By enrolling, you will have access to a unique range of fundraising tools, initiatives and incentivizing tools to help your students contribute to the community and world around them, all while learning about our rich cultural heritage, all while safely immersed in a creative learning environment.


For Self-Esteem

Unlike many social networking sites out there, our safety measures carefully control what can be said inside the SecretBuilders world – we encourage members who have been around for a while, to go and be nice to newcomers, to show them the ropes, and where to go to get the best Quest items.

And because of our real-world connections via virtual prize giving from parents and teachers alike, and real-life non-profits who benefit from their online learning exercises, students can appreciate just how much of a positive impact they can have on their, and everyone else’s world.

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