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"Being parents ourselves, we created SecretBuilders with our own children in mind; to be a website that parents would want their kids to go to, that kids would also want to go to!"

The Teacher’s Console on SecretBuilders gives you access to your teacher’s account, allowing you to enroll your students and set up a rewards system. Registering for the Teacher’s Console allows you to:

  • Sign up your students en masse
  • Reward your students
  • Monitor your students
  • Fundraise for your school

The Teacher’s Console provides your students with incentives based on how well they perform on certain activities. Students can be given SecretBuilders rewards of virtual goods and virtual currency.

As part of the program, SecretBuilders has added certain premium benefits to your account so you can start right away!

"What I think is really is really neat about SecretBuilders is that it goes beyond just the 'play' of most virtual worlds, and it actually teaches students about history, historical figures, and literary figures, and it does that through interaction. Kids can actually interact with the historical figures in the virtual world and learn about them that way - it's far more engaging."

Kelly Tenkely, K-5 Technology Teacher

SecretBuilders Makes Parent Magazine's Ten Best Kids Gameworlds CommonSense Media Nappa Awards

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