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The SecretBuilders community-outreach staff make it help organize all your students from the SecretBuilders world into an easy-to-manage list, both for student incentives, and to encourage and reward fundraising efforts for your school.

Simply contact us and we'll help you start fundraising for your school.


What is One For All?

At SecretBuilders we believe it is never too early to introduce the concepts of charity and compassion to kids.

The SecretBuilders charity projects, "One For All", fosters kid's awareness of important environmental and social causes, enabling them to be active participants in addressing some of these global issues while at the same time improving their own math, vocabulary and logic skills.


How do I start playing One For All?

To start playing One For All, simply login using your SecretBuilders username or password. Then, click on the "One For All "icon in the toolbar.

If you are not registered with SecretBuilders, you can quickly and easily register by clicking here..

Once you have registered you can start playing and help to raise money for important causes. You will be given the option to choose a particular charity to donate to. You can always choose different charities each time you play. There are also different games that can be played, including Mathletics, Word Play or Cool Logic.


How does One For All help me?

Playing One For All will help students in two important ways:
  • Your students actively participate in solutions for important causes.
  • They will improve math, verbal and logic skills.
You can be proud that you are playing an active role in helping the global community.


Who pays the donations?

The money raised for donations is paid for by the sponsors whose ads appear on the bottom of the One For All screen. When you play One For All games, sponsor banner ads will be shown randomly. By playing, you raise the money that is donated to the charities. Each time you correctly answer a question a small donation of about $0.002 (0.02 cents) is raised. The more questions your answer correctly, the more money your raise. The money quickly adds up as more and more users play the games.


How can I make a difference?

Each player makes a difference by playing One For All because the numbers add up quickly as more and more kids join. Although it may seem like a small contribution at first, over time the amount of money adds up. The One For All charities always appreciate when kids play a role in important causes.


How can my company become a sponsor?

For information about how you or your company or organization can become a sponsor of One For All, please contact us at


How is the difficulty of the questions determined?

One For All keeps track of how many questions are answered and what level the player is at. The levels are adjusted up or down depending on ability to answer correctly. If players continue to answer correctly, the level of difficulty increases. The level of difficulty will become easier when players start to answer questions incorrectly.


Do you track the amount of money earned by each player?

One For All keeps track of how many questions you answer correctly and how much you have donated to a particular charity. This makes it very easy for Teacherse to reward outstanding effort via their Teachers Console.


What important causes does One For All support?

One For All currently supports non-profit organizations and schools. Causes include tree planting, literacy, art education and marine life. In the future, other causes will be added such as clean water, hunger and housing. The list is long, and growing longer almost every day!

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