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"In an online world full of Chocolate Fudge, we are proud to be a Nutritious Cheerio™, a deliciously healthy alternative for kids!

Our real-world non-profit efforts help you to help your schools, while instilling a sense of pride and civic duty in your students."

What is it?
SecretBuilders school fundraiser, "One For All", is a fun, easy way to raise money for your school.

How it works
Students earn money for their schoold by correctly answering math, vocabulary, geography, logic and chemistry questions!

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"What I think is really is really neat about SecretBuilders is that it goes beyond just the 'play' of most virtual worlds, and it actually teaches students about history, historical figures, and literary figures, and it does that through interaction. Kids can actually interact with the historical figures in the virtual world and learn about them that way - it's far more engaging."

Kelly Tenkely, K-5 Technology Teacher

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