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Learn, Create & Publish
Unlike any other virtual world targeted at students of this age, SecretBuilders combines real-world activities and behavior, with virtual gaming and learning, all in a safe, controlled and ever-expanding world of famous writers, artists and philosophers, which encourages exploration and wisdom.

In-game contests, learning and playing can all be tied to raising money for real-world charities, increased social interaction with their peers, and recognition via written and artistic contributions to our online magazine, “The Crooked Pencil”. Here, students comment and vote on the work of others, secure in the knowledge and each and every posting is reviewed by our team of moderators before going live.

For the more competitive student, there are chances to compete against others in online learning games, as well as against themselves, to see how many Quests they can conquer, each of which provides an immersive lesson about a famous historical figure or story – frequently both.

  • Famous Characters
Interact with dozens of famous historical and fictional characters from the arts, literature and sciences – currently you can rub shoulders with Albert Einstein, Lewis Carroll, Copernicus, Mozart, Jules Verne, Socrates, Johann Sebastian Bach plus many more. Generally, we add at least one new famous character from our rich cultural past, once per week, sometimes more! Players can visit their homes, learn about their lives and work, even ask them questions!

  • Creative Writing
Players can submit creative writings, including stories, poems and reviews for others to read and comment upon in our internal online magazine, The Crooked Pencil”. We currently see about 1,000 new pieces of literature and comments posted daily! This is one of our most popular features.

  • Art Activities
Explore famous works of art and play art related games. We also periodically run contests to have players submit their own artwork to be included as part of the backdrops of our more popular in-game locations – to be hung on the coffee shop walls, shops and other locations sprinkled throughout the SecretBuilders world.

  • Quests

Undertake challenging quests that take kids into the world of classic literature, the arts and humanities. Players can rescue Jules Verne and the Nautilus, help H.G. Wells find his time machine, plus many more, and we’re constantly adding to our Quests – we’ll be adding works illustrating the works of more famous artists, physicists, biologists, musicians and philosophers – anyone who has had a dramatic positive influence on our culture.



SECRETBUILDERS ACTIVITY Exposes kids to Literature, Arts, Humanities Nurtures Creative Writing & Thought Boosts Computer Skills Promotes Critical Thinking Develops Social Awareness & Charity Fosters Communication
& Interpersonal Skills
Teaches Internet Safety
The Crooked Pencil — our online magazine, allows children to publish writings and comments on all postings.        
SecretBuilders' School — an in-game school where players enjoy, and can be rewarded by parents and teachers for interactive lessons in:
Mathematics — The Sciences — The Arts
Computer Skills — Sports — Geography — History

One For All — where kids simultaneously raise funds for their school (or other non-profit of their choice) while learning via math, vocabulary, and logic-based activities.        
BuildIt! — allows kids to send us their ideas for building out the virtual world, many of which are implemented.      
Quests — literature-and-humanities-based quests which challenge players to accomplish the stated goal.      
Historical Characters — players learn the impact of influential historical figures upon world history and culture via biographies, in-game homes, interactive chat, and over 100 quizzes!  
Wee-Pets — players can take care of, explore and play with in-game pets. They must feed, play, house and rest their pet or their pet will become unhealthy! This helps to teach responsibility and the importance of care-giving.        
Contests — creative contests with great virtual and real rewards.    
Games — SecretBuilders games challenge and stimulate; they include classics such as Chess, Checkers, plus variations on many classic logic puzzles.    
Picasso — players re-paint famous works of art as if they were the original artist.      
Ghost Writer — a typing game where players practice typing skills against the clock, tests both speed and accuracy!          
Burton's Bridge — players use logic skills to help Sir Richard Burton and his crew reunite.       
Crosswords and Word Searches — based on literature, science, art and trivia facts.      
Collections — pets bring pieces as 'gifts'.  Our current collections include dinosaur bones and ancient coins.        
Furniture Builder — kids acquire unfinished pieces of furniture to overlay their own designs and color schemes, then place in their in-game home          
Frank & Steins Gallery —  a virtual art gallery full of famous works of art.          
Citizen's Patrol —  a player reporting system for violations of safety rules.      
Mellow Drama Scripts — humorous scripts derived from literature.  Players are invited to submit their own in The Crooked Pencil.        
Scroll of Knowledge — SecretBuilders information source with the goal of becoming an internal 'Wikipedia' .        
Virtual Economy —  virtual money is earned through educational activities and games, then used to buy furniture, pets, party items, clothing etc.. Players must save for special items, giving a firm grounding in real-world economics.    
My Board — 'Facebook' type application allows players to communicate with their buddies. (all content is moderated)      
Clubs — Children form Clubs centered on interests, hobbies, and sports.        

SecretBuilders Makes Parent Magazine's Ten Best Kids Gameworlds CommonSense Media Nappa Awards

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