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"We are thrilled to welcome you to a growing community of teachers who care about how their students engage in new technology and learning tools, and take just a few moments each day to reward their efforts to aquire new knowledge using these tools."

SecretBuilders provides you with numerous educational and creative features that can be easily incorporated into the classroom-learning environment. SecretBuilders can be the storehouse for a child’s creative works.

  • Famous Characters – Interact with dozens of famous historical and fictional characters from the arts, literature and sciences.
  • Creative Writing – Submit creative writings for others to read and comment upon.
  • Art Activities – Explore famous works of art and play art related games.
  • Quests – Undertake challenging quests that take kids into the world of classic literature, the arts and humanities.
  • Contests – Enter to win great prizes for your school and students.
  • Computer literacy – Along with practicing typing to enter stories and comments, SecretBuilders has several typing-tutor games.
  • Internet Safety – Children learn best-practices for staying safe on the Internet.
  • School Funding – Be involving students with our One For All program, they can simultaneously learn and earn for your school.
  • Social Interaction – Engage in social interactions with other students in their class in a safe and moderated environment.

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"What I think is really is really neat about SecretBuilders is that it goes beyond just the 'play' of most virtual worlds, and it actually teaches students about history, historical figures, and literary figures, and it does that through interaction. Kids can actually interact with the historical figures in the virtual world and learn about them that way - it's far more engaging."

Kelly Tenkely, K-5 Technology Teacher

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