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SecretBuilders Rules of Conduct

  • Show Respect: SecretBuilders does not tolerate any swearing, bullying, threatening or mean behavior towards other SecretBuilders.

  • Be Safe: Never give out, or ask for, any personal information such as real name, address, phone numbers, school name, email/home address or password.

  • Talk Nicely: SecretBuilders will not tolerate racial or sexual comments, references to drugs and alcohol, or other inappropriate comments made on the site or directed at another player.

  • There is no dating or dating talk of any kind on SecretBuilders.

If your Mail violates any of these rules, it will not be sent. Violations could also result in being banned from SecretBuilders.

SecretBuilders chat undergoes a sophisticated filtering process and is periodically monitored to ensure safety to the extent possible. Some messages may get through the filters and may be offensive to some players. The Citizen's Patrol will allow players to report violation of rules by other players. Citizen's Patrol may be accessed by all users from within SecretBuilders by clicking on the Citizen's Patrol icon on the toolbar.

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