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Nobody listens to a mom better than another mom!  If you love our site, chances are so will your friends.  So help us spread the word.  Tell your school, PTA, your friends, wherever you volunteer, your mom’s groups, etc. about SecretBuilders and help us build our children’s cultural literacy and have fun at the same time.

The Fliers and Presentations section will provide you easy templates to make presentations at your school and  printable  documents and fliers that you, teachers and schools can distribute.


Spread the word!

Here are some more ways you can spread the word about SecretBuilders:


Forward this email to your friends and family
 Have your kids do a demo about SecretBuilders in their class – they love doing this! Talking about what they love about the site is easy but use the slideshow to get the highlights!
 Do a show and tell yourself at your child’s school
 Post a review on parenting, gaming, blogging sites.
 Have Virtual Playdates – have your child invite a few friends to meet at a prearranged time and location in SecretBuilders – perfect for those cold winter days!
 Spread the word to your Facebook, Twitter and other online social groups
 Join the SecretBuilders Facebook Group and invite friends to join
 Ask your local newspaper to do a feature on SecretBuilders or write a review yourself!


If you don’t see something you want, let us know!

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