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Below is a short list of educational games SecretBuilders has to offer:

  • Story Builders - Children develop their creative writing skills by finishing pre-written stories
  • Ghost Writer - Helps children improve their typing
  • Artist's Salon - Race to complete pictures and learn about art history
  • Hangman - A pirate-themed version of the classic game of hangman
  • Crossword - This fairy-tale themed puzzle helps improve vocabulary
  • Word Search - Players are given clues to words they must search for
  • Chess - recreational and competitive game played between two players
  • Sudoku - The popular 9x9 logic puzzle game
  • Treasure Hunter - Helps aid a child’s cognitive memory
Educational Games

Educational games are one of the best ways for children to learn. Because they are more fun than simply reading textbooks, kids are always drawn to play these online games, sometimes without knowing they are learning at the same time. The interactive experience of educational games allows children to be a part of the adventure, while covering material in history, science, literature, or any other subject. The possibilities are endless.

Teachers and parents alike often encourage children to play free online educational kids games in order to expand, reinforce, or assist in material and concepts already taught at school. It works as an alternative source to lectures and readings from textbooks.

SecretBuilders is filled with educational kids games for younger kids and teenagers. Children will run into Albert Einstein, Shakespeare, and other historical figures by journeying through quests. They will live through popular literature stories such as Moby Dick. The Activities and Games section contains a variety of fun educational kids games, including crossword puzzles, chess, Sudoku and typing games. These games are sure to challenge the minds of all those who play.

SecretBuilders School

Have you heard about Secret Builders School? SecretBuilders School is available for parents to encourage their children to learn, using SecretBuilders. SecretBuilders School let's a parent store Gold coins (SuperShills) (SecretBuilders virtual currency) and when a child does well in specific educational games, they get reward with Gold coins (SuperShills) depending on their performance.

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