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Affiliate Program Virtual Lounge Virtual Lounge Upgrades Our Partners and Affiliates Banners & Badges
Affiliate Program Virtual Lounge Virtual Lounge Upgrades Our Partners and Affiliates Banners & Badges

SecretBuilders provides additional functionality for those seeking an enhanced virtual world experience. The Premium Virtual Lounge package includes everything in the Standard package, plus these additional features:

  • Easy access and single sign-on
    • 1-click guest login; visitors skip the registration process and gain instant access
    • Simpler two-step registration process that simultaneously registers them in your and our databases
  • Increased catalog access
    • Access to all regular items
    • Access to more premium items in the SecretBuilders' furniture catalog
    • Allowance to all food and beverages for parties and virtual events
  • Member tools
    • Polls and surveys; This feature allows you to poll your users to learn their preferences, and gain feedback on your products and services
  • Enhanced brand exposure
    • Six branded items for your users
    • Themed seasonal items to celebrate various holidays (Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc)
    • TV commercial feature: Have an in-lounge virtual TV playing your video message/sizzle tape etc, to your community
  • Extension to a FULL virtual world
    • Your lounge is extended with 4 other venues all custom branded for you – to give a comprehensive virtual-world experience to your users:
      • Pool area
      • Castle
      • Studio (for talk shows)
      • Garden
  • Additional custom-branded games per year
    • Flash games customized with your branding
  • Monthly exclusive items
    • One item (clothing or furniture) custom branded every month for your users (in addition to the 6 custom branded items given at launch)
    • Especially useful for product testing and fostering user loyalty
  • Public Lounge
    • You have the option to make your lounge a Public Lounge on SecretBuilders, i.e. open it up to the SecretBuilders community
    • This is a great way to publicize your website to the SecretBuilders community and drive traffic to your site

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