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Affiliate Program Virtual Lounge Virtual Lounge Upgrades Our Partners and Affiliates Banners & Badges
Affiliate Program Virtual Lounge Virtual Lounge Upgrades Our Partners and Affiliates Banners & Badges

The SecretBuilders Virtual Lounge provides you with your own virtual world. The Virtual Lounge is a software-as-a-service solution that is fully moderated and maintained by SecretBuilders and requires no development on your part.

Adding the Virtual Lounge to your website is very easy — simply place the Virtual Lounge in an iframe on your website.

The Virtual Lounge has been incredibly attractive for our affiliates, delivering what you and your users want:

What you want:

  • Turn visitors into community members — long-term repeat visitors
  • Increase time spent by visitors onsite
  • Immerse them in your brand and messaging
  • Communicate directly with your users
  • Hold online events for your users with live interaction
  • Gain improved feedback from your community
  • Monetize your visitors via virtual goods

What your users want:

  • Chat and socialization
  • Dress up and personalization
  • Online Flash games (especially multiplayer games)
  • Virtual parties (and other fun events)
  • Rewards and recognition
  • Cool, virtual world to hang out in
  • Safe, moderated environment




Virtual Lounge Features

The Standard Virtual Lounge package includes all these features:

  • Fully customizable with your logo and branding
    • Multiple logo and branding placement areas

  • Allowance of virtual money to purchase regular food and beverage items
    • Great for parties and virtual events (premium items can be bought via Gold coin (SuperShill) purchases)

  • Traffic monetization opportunity
    • Get commission any premium items and memberships purchased via your lounge

  • Fully personalize with your own colors and decor
    • Endless color combinations
    • Access to items from the SecretBuilders' furniture catalog
    • Refresh the look of your lounge as often as you wish

  • Calendar to schedule your events and parties
  • Dual-mode filtered chat
    • Safe chat — with sophisticated software filtering
    • Ultra Safe chat — restricted vocabulary chat option
    • You decide if you want either - or both - chat modes to be available

  • Large selection of Flash games
    • Over 50 Flash games for your users

  • Incredible avatar dress up feature for users
    • Thousands of facial types, hairstyles, clothing, and accessories

  • Amazing home décor and pet care features for your user
    • Users can paint their home and customize it with furniture and other items
    • Adopt, play with, and take care of cute virtual pets

SecretBuilders Makes Parent Magazine's Ten Best Kids Gameworlds CommonSense Media Nappa Awards

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